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DRIVEN by executional excellence, trusted partnerships and discipline

FOCUSED on building and structuring companies for accelerated growth

UNPARALLED access to support underlying portfolio government procurement strategy

COMMITTED to value 
creation and sustainability


Sumner Global  is a holding company that builds and structures world-class companies by providing growth capital, delivering executional excellence and creating industry connections with a focus on government procurement. Over the last twenty years, Sumner Global has built a rich heritage and proven track record in this exciting and very relevant sector.


The geographical footprint of the Sumner Global spans the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas. Working alongside corporates and government departments around the world, the Group's management & administration offices are in the United Arab Emirates. The Sumner Global portfolio companies have operations in the UK, USA, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines


Alongside the management of the Sumner Global portfolio, its underlying portfolio teams seek opportunities to support governments globally in the procurement of a wide range of products and services

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